Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's new in my booth

What a summer! Summer is so hard for me to maintain my booth's with having two young children at home!
Now that my youngest is staring back next Tuesday, I feel like I will be able to invest more time keeping up.
The jury is still out as to whether or not I will close my booth in Ozark. I have pretty much been taking items that I would not consider as nice as I do to Relic's. Since the Tea room is now open also at Relic's, I am sure that people will have more time to walk around Relic's and check it out. It's a cool place and I'm hearing chatter every time I am there. There are a few employees who always come over to me while I am working and want to know about the new table books I have brought. If you ever worry about what to put in your booth, get your name out there that you will do consignment! There are so many people who are down sizng and want to get rid of there items but do not have the time or place! If you are one of those people, perhaps you will call me!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Booth expansion to Relics Antique Mall In Springfield, MO

It's been awhile since I've blogged but I feel inspired! My Booth consignment business has really taken off and I decided to open a second booth at Relic's Antique Maill in Springfield last month. I will have to admit I was a little aprehensive about going into a larger mall than the one I have in Ozark. But when I decided to go in and check it out for myself, I was very excited about the possibilites! They have two sides in the mall: the strict antiques side which the booth must contain 90% antiques located to the left when you walk in. The other side is everything else.. and that is where mine is located. I've considered closing down my booth in Ozark but I compared the sales for booth this month and they are pretty close so I may have to hold off for awhile! The Relics mall is also opening up a Tea room which I'll post more pics later but it looks like it is going to be adorabale and hopefully good eats!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New this week...

circa 1920's biscuit barrel
printable invitations
My partner that I share the booth with found this awesome swivel display rack at a garage sale and I'm hoping that it attracts more attention to my awesome printable card stock that I'm selling for a client. As you can see I've got all types and hundreds more to list in my eBay store too. 

New this week is a really nice wooden biscuit barrel that I found from a guy in England from eBay. These run around $200 in upscale stores.

So with my booth, I've decided to look for "guy" items to sell. I met a really nice gentlemen while I was adding new items last week at my booth at the Antique Emporium and he and his wife have several booths in several different antique malls. In talking with him he said that primitive tools are big as well as anything silver. So I've been dragging my children to a few garage sales a week! They aren't too happy and some times I find good stuff, other days not so much. Last week I found this Avon Owl at a sale for 25 cents. I sold it in my booth for $5.00 . Not too bad!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decisions decisions

So I am feeling pretty confident about my eBay store... I've got some really neat items in there and the Big Buddha purses I've been selling for a client do really well. I sell a few purses every week...easy. I am liking having the store as opposed to seperate listings. It makes it so much easier to manage and once I've taken all the pictures and done my research on the product I'm selling, then I list it to run until I end the item or it sells. Before, I had to check it every week and relist.

The Antique Booth is so new to me and I am constantly brainstorming what to sell, how to market it. As I've been talking to some people who have booths, I'm finding that people aren't buying a lot right now which makes sense. Or, they want it really cheap. Furniture is good to sell for the right price. I'm trying to go for the pyschological aspect with selling and have put a "20% off sale" in the booth. We shall see how that goes!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting started

This is my first blog, thanks in part to a friend who has given my business a "lift" with these beautiful business cards! I new that I wanted a new look and something fresh and unique and couldn't believe how awesome they were when they came in the mail! Thanks to the girls at the blog guidebook!