About Black Iris Antiques

I have been selling items for clients for the past few years with recently expanding my buyer's market. No item is too big or small to sell. I have the resources to hall, store, market, and list numerous items at various locations.

On the web:

I've been selling on eBay since 2004. I recently expanded into an eBay store, called Black Iris Antiques. With every item, I photograph and research prior to listing. Item's are listed in my store in a timely fashion and fees are no lower for client's due to my 100% feeback scores given by other eBay buyers/sellers over the years.

I also list items on Craig's List. I have a storage unit to which I can remove those unwanted larger items out of your house and into a safe place while I list to sell.

Antique Booth:
Located at the Antique Emporium in Ozark Mo
Booth D-26
* I am new to selling in an antique booth and I felt opening up a booth was another excellent opportunity to market those antique pieces for my clients. It is also a new experience for me and is very intriguing.

My Booth