My Life

As a stay at home mom, I decided many years ago that I wanted to do something to make a little of my "own" income and do something that was fun! So, I started selling items in my home on eBay.  This became very exciting watching these everyday unwanted, unused, or outgrown items turn into profit . During a conversation with a friend who helps to organize people's homes, we came up with the idea of having me sell her customer's "clutter" on eBay while getting a small percentage for my work.
This concept did extremely well and currently I now have an eBay store in which I sell a little bit of everything. My items range from antiques, new handbags, new printable cardstock, to clothes. Some things are new and some old.

I have recently expanded my vision to wanting to open a consignment store selling mainly used furntiture and house hold items. Until I can get that going, I currently sell furniture on Craig's list and have an Antique Booth as another avenue to sell clients items and to have some fun!