Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decisions decisions

So I am feeling pretty confident about my eBay store... I've got some really neat items in there and the Big Buddha purses I've been selling for a client do really well. I sell a few purses every week...easy. I am liking having the store as opposed to seperate listings. It makes it so much easier to manage and once I've taken all the pictures and done my research on the product I'm selling, then I list it to run until I end the item or it sells. Before, I had to check it every week and relist.

The Antique Booth is so new to me and I am constantly brainstorming what to sell, how to market it. As I've been talking to some people who have booths, I'm finding that people aren't buying a lot right now which makes sense. Or, they want it really cheap. Furniture is good to sell for the right price. I'm trying to go for the pyschological aspect with selling and have put a "20% off sale" in the booth. We shall see how that goes!

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