Saturday, June 11, 2011

New this week...

circa 1920's biscuit barrel
printable invitations
My partner that I share the booth with found this awesome swivel display rack at a garage sale and I'm hoping that it attracts more attention to my awesome printable card stock that I'm selling for a client. As you can see I've got all types and hundreds more to list in my eBay store too. 

New this week is a really nice wooden biscuit barrel that I found from a guy in England from eBay. These run around $200 in upscale stores.

So with my booth, I've decided to look for "guy" items to sell. I met a really nice gentlemen while I was adding new items last week at my booth at the Antique Emporium and he and his wife have several booths in several different antique malls. In talking with him he said that primitive tools are big as well as anything silver. So I've been dragging my children to a few garage sales a week! They aren't too happy and some times I find good stuff, other days not so much. Last week I found this Avon Owl at a sale for 25 cents. I sold it in my booth for $5.00 . Not too bad!


  1. I think my mom had an Avon owl like that when I was little! I've got to make it over to your booth... Tell me again where!? :-)

  2. I'm planning on visiting your booth soon! Keep blogging!